About The Brand

Rays Macrames Boutique, originally started as a hobby during the pandemic. I learnt how to make macrames to help with my greif journey after the loss of my first baby daughter due to being born prematurely.

Going through this was an extremely difficult time but I tried my hardest to continue living life and making Rayèl proud of me.

I found that concentrating on something helped me to relax. Shortly after this the brand was created.

The Next Chapter

I always promote positivity even though I have been through something so deeply distressing, there is always somthing to smile about. I have also been lucky enough to have a rainbow baby and she keeps very busy, but now my maternity leave is over, it is time to get back to spreading the positive vibes.

Rays Macrames Boutique is for my Rays of sunshine, Rayèl & Raynie-May, one in the stars, one in my arms.

Peace & Love always - Dom x

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