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SHADES OF JADE - GREEN - Handmade macrame moon catcher

SHADES OF JADE - GREEN - Handmade macrame moon catcher

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SHADES OF JADE - GREEN - Handmade moon catcher..

This dream catcher is handmade using a mixture of fabrics and embellishment to create a beautiful looking variety of textures and colour tones.

This dream catcher in particular is made up of a variety of shades of GREEN as well as gold to create an beautifully unique and high quality piece of art.

The embellishments add extra detail turning this in to a one of a kind piece.

These are completely handmade, meaning that each one will be slightly different from the pictures so you will have your very own bespoke wall hanging.

If you are looking for something in a different colour scheme, our would like me to create something customised just for you, please feel free to contact me.

For more of my work, why not give me a follow on my socials..

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